Gone But Not Forgotten

Some of you may be aware that I have been on sabbatical/hiatus/break/time out whatever you want to call it. I have been taking some personal time or rather dealing with real life which generally happens when you’re trying to finish a high level diploma, buy a house, look after a 1-year-old have a heavily pregnant wife and have the workload from hell in your day job. All this meant I have to stop doing what I like doing…go on Phil make a comment…[I don’t know what you mean? – Ed.] Now he’s got that out of his system…

With all that going on I took a break from hobby writing and doing to finish the one thing I had some sort of control over my Diploma which is now all but done hooray. So I thought I would celebrate with a quick “Mat’s Hobby update”.

What have I been up to? Well I have in the last few months streamlined my hobby collection, found a treasure trove of old school miniatures, started getting into Warhamster, and jump armies around a bit. So as you can tell I’ve not been idle on the hobby front despite the work load.

Streamlining how on earth did you do that Mat?

Honestly by being ruthless and realistic, I bought a lot at Salute as Phil and Lee can testify to. Much of this has now been sold. However much I friggin love the Death Guard (Heresy Era) and however much I want to do a loyalist army my tastes are just too rich and although I dearly love them, my Deathshroud were the first for the chop. Although I’ve not actually sold them yet. I just can’t seem to let them go. But I will… Closely followed by my Tau… Yes, yes I know how I went on about being gay for the little blue dudes but by the time I’d put together about 2,000 points worth I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve kept my Pathfinders as I want to create a kill team with them but more on that later. Dystopian Wars was next to go having not played it or painted it and honestly I couldn’t ever see it getting any time on my table (saying that I’m loving some of the new stuff).

So still hanging on in there is my Sorylian fleet, I’m in two minds about it having not played the game yet having a clear idea of what I want to do are playing conflict with my thought process, so they are safe for now.

And oh the treasure trove of old school stuff, my god there were miniatures and paints in there from nearly 30 years ago, including old Squats, Rogue Trader Robots/Dreadnoughts, Inquisitors, Chaos champions, a butt load of Epic, Imperial Guard, a few land raiders, some Elder. Honestly it is immense! I am slowly working my way through it all cleaning it up and systematically selling it off through eBay to pay for more hobby bits.

I never really had much interest in Warhamster but I have found myself looking at it more and more. I think its stemmed from Mordheim and my want to build a beastman warband which got me looking at a Beastman army, and then Lizardmen. But eventually I settled on Skaven… let me explain I like the Beastmen but my god do they get their arses kicked and are actually difficult to play. I love the Lizardmen but the idea of painting them daunted me so I ended up with Skaven. But I’m not going to do the normal 5 warp lightning canons and 100 plague monks (I hate the plague monks) like you often see. I’m going Clan Mors affiliated with Clan Moulder and I actually have the rule book and some models (no army book yet mind, well not in hard format). But I’m looking forward to this and have a plan on writing a few articles on building a themed Rat army that’s not going to get people groaning when you take to the gaming table, and making sure you keep it within the theme and fluff.
So finally the Tau have been replaced with Necrons again I’m planning on theming the army so as not to make it bloody stupid, but this is going to be a slow burn as I really got it hot for the rats.

Other than all this in my time out ahem… I have continued to grow my X-Wing Imperial fleet and can now field a Bomber an interceptor oh and a couple of defenders. I will attempt to write-up on these in the next week or so, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they add to the game and if I can finally take it to Han Solo and stick it in him good…

So that was my down time… might give you an idea of what I’m like when I’m not on a break, especially as I haven’t mentioned my growing Dreadball collection and current obsession with Zombicide which I’m not allowed to buy until I either play or get rid of Sedition wars. But on the plus side the Wife said she’d play Zombicide with me.

Anyway this is me signing off and happy to be back in the saddle even if it is only with one foot in the stirrup at the moment.


There Be Monsters

Forgeworld is releasing, on the 24th February,  the Basilisk as part of their ever-growing Warhammer Forge range. As you can see from the pictures below, it’s really quite exquisite and for £60 isn’t too steep a price considering it’s size.

The experimental rules can be downloaded here and here’s a little blurb on the beastie itself nabbed from the Forgeworld website:

Found in the most treacherous regions of the Warhammer world, from the Bloodspine Mountains of the unknown Southlands to the Grey Peaks that shoulder the Empire, Basilisks are a reclusive menace. They are a living blight so inimical to life that they poison the very ground they walk upon, the venom that suffuses their body and spirit capable of swiftly reducing verdant land to ruined waste. 

Their huge bodies are covered with brightly coloured scales from the membranous fins upon their head to the tip of their muscled tail; a warning of their noxious nature. They prowl stealthily on eight legs, and are capable of moving swiftly enough to run down even the quickest prey. The most potent weapon in the Basilisk’s arsenal, however, is its gaze. Renowned in folklore across the Old World for its lethal potency, the sickly pale eyes of the Basilisk can focus the essence of their poisonous soul, withering their prey until its skin and flesh slough away. 

Although already released I also had to share with you the Skaven Wolf Rats just because they’re utterly mental. Again, price wise – £28 – they’re not too bad considering they’re all resin and there’s 5 of them. Granted you probably need quite a few to make them worth taking but it’s no more batshit mad than collecting an all resin Chaos Dwarf army.

Experimental rules can be downloaded here and fluff is below as are some snaps – all from the Forgeworld website.

Not even the insidious rat-men themselves know the origins of the ravenous packs of Wolf Rats that are found almost everywhere that the Skaven themselves infest. Neither wholly rat or wholly wolf, but instead an aberrant and savage amalgamation of the two, Skaven Wolf Rats are kept by the rat-men for a myriad of uses; for guarding their lairs, as hunting beasts, and occasionally even as food. In battle packs of these hellish creatures will be unleashed ahead of Skaven troops, for unlike the cowardly rat-men the Wolf Rats are fearless shock troops, eager to feast upon the flesh of those who face their ferocious assault.

The Ratmen Stir

Forgeworld really are bonkers and thoroughly brilliant bunch of people. Their mandate has always been ‘make awesome stuff’ and as always, they don’t disappoint. It’s the Skavens turn to get some fresh gribblies in the form of a huge Exalted Verminlord and a thoroughly grim-looking Brood Horror.

I don’t collect Skaven. In fact they would be one of my least favourite armies to face thanks to some of the most unpleasant weaponry in the game. And in Mordheim they’re just a pain in the arse. Although nothing a few pistol shots to the face doesn’t solve. But anyway, below are some images from Fogeworld of these two new monster models. They come with an unsurprising price tag but I’ve never minded paying because what you’re getting is a big fat slice of fried awesome.

If you don’t believe me click here and tell me, if you’re a Space Marine player, you don’t want that model in your life.

Exalted Verminlord with its next victim for scale.

The Exalted is a not unreasonable £45.

The Brood Horror is, by the looks of it the Hellpit Abominations little brother…that’s not so little.

The Brood Horror is an acceptable £32 although a couple of casting flaws (like the feet) may make you wonder if it’s worth the money as you bodge and greenstuff your way through preparing it to paint.