The Shell Case was created in 2011 to be nothing more than a way of sharing hobby projects and progress. Within a couple of short months the foundations had been laid for what is now a dedicated wargaming portal. It didn’t take long for a mission statement to evolve:

The Shell Case has the single driving ambition to advocate the fantastic hobby of wargaming in all its many and varied forms. To be passionate, yet impartial and utterly committed to the furthering of the hobby for wargamers and to share and extoll the amazing games and models in our ever-growing community .

In time the site has changed and grown and now has a growing group of contributors each bringing their own unique experiences and passions to the mix making The Shell Case a home for any wargamer that stops by.

So let’s meet them:

Phil – Founder & Editor

Phil has been wargaming since the tender age of 7. Starting with Hero Quest and Space Crusade before graduating on to Epic, 40k and beyond. 24 years on and he’s still just as in love with toy soldiers as ever thanks in no small part to the #warmongers on Twitter, fellow Alliance members and this website. Originally creating The Shell Case as a means of encouraging him to paint his 2 companies of Ultramarines and Spartan Games fleets it quickly took on a life of its own and now is a source of games reviews, hobby news, interviews and more.

Phil’s ever-expanding wargaming collection includes 2 full companies of Ultramarines, a growing Warriors of Chaos army, sizeable fleets for Battlefleet Gothic, Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and the X-Wing Miniatures Game. He’s also got a great fondness for Mordheim and currently runs a Witch Hunter and Middenheim warbands.

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Lee – Deputy Editor

Lee had a similar journey into wargaming to Phil including working for the Games Workshop at roughly the same time but for the London stores. After leaving the company his hobby started to fall by the wayside mainly because he had no one to play with. That was until a couple of years ago when he started working in the same office as Phil. It didn’t take long for the fires to be rekindled and as well as a return to Games Workshop systems Lee has steadily been introduced to more and more game systems.

Lee’s hobby addiction means that he’s got piles of stuff with some paint on a small pile of stuff with all the paint on. But thanks to Phil there’s no shortage of new and shiny things to draw his attention.

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Reece – Contributor

Reece’s introduction to wargaming happened when he was 8, introduced to Heroquest by a friend. He, foolishly, didn’t think much of it or wargaming until 2 years later when, by sheer accident, his friends introduced him to Warhammer 40k. Reece immediately went out and picked up his first box of Khorne Berserkers, thinking they were Iron Hands Space Marines and the love affair went from there. He doesn’t get to play much these days, but he’s always looking for new and exciting games and rulesets and is a keen converter and skirmish gamer. He’s also promised his long-suffering girlfriend that he will finish painting his hoard of unpainted miniatures one day. So he’s clearly a massive liar.

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Neil – Contributor

Neil has been wargaming since the age of 10. He initially got into Warhammer Fantasy, collecting Wood Elves, when his father returned to wargaming after a long hiatus period. Eventually, thanks to Phil’s influence, the pair graduated on to Warhammer 40k. Neil collected a hodge-podge Guard army that, thanks to his tender years and tenderer bank balance, never bore much fruit. Shortly after Neil discovered boobs and took a break from wargaming for a couple of years with only Mordheim and Necromunda keeping one foot in the wargaming camp.

However his return to the hobby a few years ago brought a renewed vigour and an insatiable passion for greenskins with shootas, Prussian naval tactics and a certain sci-fi sports game called Dreadball. Aside from writing about his love of his hobby he’ll be focussing on keeping the readers abreast of new releases.

Rob – Contributor

Rob first got into wargaming after many years of playing crazy games with Transformers, Lego and other assorted ‘proxies’ for proper wargaming. He was introduced to 40K in the very early days having wandered into Games Workshop Edinburgh on a family holiday and leaving with a box of Eldar Guardians.

There have been a few hiatus’ over the years, but Rob’s love of awesome minis and painting keeps dragging him back. A friend of his opened a wargaming shop and club some years back and this involvement and the #warmongers continues to keep the hobby fires burning! Rob plays a wide variety of wargames including, but definitely not limited to: WHFB, 40K, Dreadball, Relics, Malifaux, and Warmachine/Hordes. Over the years he’s played most systems, helped develop others, and has a ‘healthy’ backdrop of roleplaying games and board games to draw upon.

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Mark – Contributor

Mark first got interested in wargaming at the age of 13 by walking past the Preston Games Workshop and being fascinated by the miniatures in the window. A Space Wolves army shortly followed and that was that. Mark played 40k for a few years but then a Saturday job took over and his playing time disappeared.

In September 2012 after starting to look at models again online Mark found a local club that met weekly so ventured once more into the same Games Workshop and picked up a Landspeeder Storm. The addiction started once more and Mark currently owns Space Marine and Astra Militarum armies.

Mark started attending tournaments in 2014 kicking off with Throne of Skulls which earned him 4th Place and a Best Army Nomination. Hooked, Mark is looking to attend more tournaments in the future. On the painting side Mark can usually be found working on a different array of miniatures for a range of different clients on commission.

Tweet Mark: @lemonpainting

Are you interested in writing for The Shell Case? If you have a wealth of wargaming and hobby experience then we want to hear from you. Whilst we like contributors to always have something to say so only sign up if you think you can produce content fairly regularly.

We’re especially interested in hearing from historical wargamers, boardgamers, and hardcore painting and converting enthusiasts.

Complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You may be asked to write a short piece just to have a look at your writing style.

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