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What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

‘No Bet’ also means ‘Draw No Bet,’ and it is one of the risk control bets bettors always use, but what does draw no bet mean? We discuss it below.


  • DNB means Draw No Bet.
  • Sports bettors use it as a form of betting.
  • There is no 100% safe bet.

When bettors start betting newly, they mostly search for safe bets. There isn’t any 100% bet that bettors can place a bet on or any tool that ensures you win 100% of a stake, but No Bet market options help reduce this risk. Below, some explanations about this market and a personal opinion of it.

What is Draw No Bet?

No Bet is also called DNB or Draw No Bet. The name is very explanatory, but we will try to exemplify it in some hypothetical situations.

DNB – Draw No Bet

The DNB is a bet option that eliminates the draw option, almost like the Asian handicap 0.0. With this option, we try to find a less risky bet, mainly in football, where the tie ends up being the great villain in matches of teams seen as favorites.


Italy 2.00 | Draw 3.90 | Spain 3.75 at Bet365

This match is valid for Euro 2020, with Italy with some favoritism; let’s see below how the quota with the DNB is.

Italy 1.44 | Spain 2.62

We see here that the victory of Italy, excluding the option of a draw, makes the local odds drop a lot. Meanwhile, for Spain, it also fell a lot, but it remains a good odd.

When the draw is removed, we end up excluding the market that most often spoils an analysis of winning in a match.
In games in which the tendency is to have two teams with a higher level of balance, as a rule, the draw odds are smaller, and, consequently, the DNB option ends up balancing the odd of both teams with larger odds.


Everton 2.87 | Draw 3.20 | Arsenal 2.50 at Bet365

This match is typical of the English Premiership League and marks a balance between the odds.

First, because Everton is not one of the best teams in EPL, but Arsenal is a team that doesn’t give off complete confidence although they’re a better team.

And the home factor helps the team with less quality. In this game, the tie is more likely if compared to other matches.

Let’s look at the DNB below.

Everton 2.05 | Arsenal 1.80

DNB odds are usually fairer in these cases. With two EPL powerhouses almost of the same strength: in this case, Arsenal is a little better technically, but with Everton playing at home, that explains the odds.

How Does Draw No Bet Work in Accas?

For those trying to create this type of bet with some DNB options, you must remember that: When we combine bets, the odds are multiplied by the odds of the selected matches.

When the match we choose has the DNB option and ends tied, the match is void, and that bet is excluded from the ticket. This means it’s as if it had been added the accumulator is still running but with a smaller odd.

Is It Worth Betting on the DNB?

There are no foolproof methods and much less 100% safe bets. However, draw no bet helps us to be less risky in some cases.

In our opinion, the critical point is to see value in a bet. Under no circumstances should you think about betting on a DNB line with ridiculous odds like 1.10 in any bookmaker.

I have already seen many bettors go bankrupt with this type of atrocity because people commit almost all their funds to make a small profit with insignificant odds by searching for bets that there is no way to lose.

We will repeat one more time: There are no 100% safe bets. So we will talk about what I think is essential. We will use the two examples above.

We see in this type of game like the one in Italy, which has a superior venue, has a critical home stadium factor, and is a big or decisive game.

The trend is that we have a difficult game, but with a greater probability of victory for the locals. Thus, we would bet on Italy, and the invested value would increase a little.

Meanwhile, in the Everton example, there are some points to analyze. First, it’s a long-league game, and teams often don’t have the same attitude. In this case, I analyze casualties, the power of the stadium factor, objectives in the competition, and if they can produce them in that match.

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